Gillian Makes Herself

"But if you really want to live, why not try and make yourself?" -Incubus

Is it too much?

I’ve wondered sometimes if I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. Is it possible to want to do too many things? Is it good to have a lot of different goals? I’m not sure.

  • I’m going back to Branford CrossFit.  In a perfect world, I would have signed back up, like, yesterday.  However, I bought a Zumba Groupon (listen, it’s a workout-I think I burn at least 100 calories just trying to understand what the instructor is doing) and I know I won’t go to Zumba if I have CrossFit AND inShape too.  2 more classes and I will have gotten a deal, so the plan is to go the next two days at least.  And I need to squat tomorrow.  See where I’m going with this?
  • As some have already noticed, I started a Facebook page to start promoting my organizing services.  I know this will never be a full-time job, but I would be happy with 2-4 clients a month and having a little side income.  Once I get a few clients under my belt, I’ll do the whole LLC thing.  I’m a little stuck on how to advertise and promote, but this is also not my #1 priority.  In time, Gill.  In time.
  • I started looking up Group Exercise certifications also.  I probably should be more productive/earn money over the summer.  Too bad everything I’m researching requires some sort of start-up money.
  • It’s only been 2 days back since February vacation, but school feels…comfortable.  As if I actually know what I’m doing.  Then I get nervous.  If it feels easy, then I must be doing something wrong, right?  No?  HELP.
  • I’m all about buying a house within the next year.  If I got an apartment, I’d never be able to save for a down payment.  It’s definitely a long-term goal, but I feel like looking at houses and telling people about my goal will make me more dedicated to it.

I could go on and on.  I have so many things I want to do.  So many things I want to be good at.  Is it too much?  I definitely have the time, so it’s not that I’m concerned with.  I just want to know how to concentrate my energy.  My poor therapist on Thursday…lol.

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Dear diary…

If nothing else, I can use this as my workout log. Today, I decided to try doing a different program. It’ll be easier to do at home if I want, and I was already bored with the full body workout I was doing. Womp womp. 


  • 5×5 back squats 115 lbs
  • 3×8 front squats 65 lbs
  • 3×10 glute bridge with 5 lbs weight
  • 3×10 calf raise

A. I’m weak. It’s so sad. That 265 one rep max is in the past. I need to do a lot to get back there again. 

B. I’ve also been lazy. These weights were actually a bit challenging, but I could maintain good form. So this is where I’m at. 

Also, got a Groupon for a month of Zumba for $23, so there’s the cardio…

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Consistency is Not My Middle Name.

I haven’t written since April.  Oopsies.

I’ve gone through a few phases of working out since spring.  Over the summer, I was CrossFitting at least 3 times a week, sometimes 4 and maybe a couple weeks when I went 5 times.  I loved it.

When school started back up again, I went to CF after the first day, which was just setting up and teacher meetings.  It felt much different, and it was frustrating.

As the school year started, I unfortunately dropped back into the old habit of only going once or twice a week.  No matter how many times I promised myself that I would go, sometimes I wouldn’t go at all.  Between the money, my somewhat consistent shoulder pain, and the fact that I just wasn’t going and doing what I was supposed to do, I decided to take a break.

So, for now, I’ve been trying to follow this.  I’m thinking I’ll probably stick with it for 4-6 weeks and then try to switch it up.  I know I will have lost some strength, but I would like to make up some ground as much as I can.


I would like to be back at Branford CrossFit by June at the latest, if not earlier in the spring.

I am on week 2 of cycle.  I need to step it up on the conditioning, but I’ve been following the lifting days as written.

Right now, the theme here is”Don’t let good be the enemy of great.”

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One more Travel WOD

Descending burpees and ascending sit ups. After the first round, I did half burpees (no chest to ground/push up), because my right arm apparently wants to be useless and cause me pain for any movement. 😑

10 minutes on the elliptical, then the WOD. 

Last night in Miami. So tan. So happy. It’s the little things. 


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Travel WOD: Miami Edition

First full day in Miami, and I figured I should do something after sitting on the beach for 3 and a half hours… 😎 #SorryNotSorry

  • 10 mins walking uphill on the treadmill
  • Air squat/kick workout from Instagram. Lol. 
  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sit ups. Run 100 meters between each set. I couldn’t figure out how to make the dumb treadmill show distance, so I just did 1 minute running at 6 mph. 
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I don’t have to count calories anymore. 

I am currently on hour 4ish of a 6 hour flight from Philly to Phoenix, and I can’t force myself to sleep anymore. So, I decided to compose a long-over due update. 
Being completely honest-I stick to the meal plans I got from the registered dietitian from about Monday-Thursday. Things tend to fall apart on the weekends, but to me it is worth it. In general, I get full much faster these days anyway.  

I’ve been aiming to CrossFit 3x a week, which again, hasn’t been perfect, but I keep that number in mind and don’t get too down on myself if it doesn’t happen. I’ll pop over to inShape as well, depending on the day, mostly on a Saturday or on a day when I get out at 2 and the next CF class isn’t until 4:30. 

If you’ve hemmed and hawed about spending the money on a personal nutrition plan, let me tell you, it is totally worth it. Branden, the person I worked with to get my first month, really took the time to get to know me, my nutritional needs, my lifestyle, and my food preferences. It made me nervous at first, because when I looked at my plan, I thought there was no way this food would fill me up. I was totally wrong. On occasion, I made changes or added a small part of a meal over to a snack, because I just couldn’t finish it. I was already full. 
For me, I needed something easy and repetitive. It’s easier for me to boil eggs for a week, divide up some fruit, make salads, etc. I’ve also been cooking some very, very simple dishes for dinner, but they are also filling and delicious. 
When I talk about this with people, sometimes they ask me what I’m eating. An easy example is breakfast-I can have 2 whole hard boiled eggs or 3 whites, a small apple, 1/2 cup of blueberries, and 2 oz. of cheese. I don’t get tired of eating the same thing every day for a week, so I boil the eggs and separate out the fruit, and I’m good to go. 
I’m not going to post the full plan here because:

A. Spend the money on one yourself, you can’t have mine!

B. I can say almost positively that yours would look totally different than mine. 
The best part of this plan is that the calories are calculated already, SO I DON’T HAVE TO COUNT THEM. BEST. PART. 
Now that I’m mixing it up a bit, I know how many ounces of meat I should include with dinner, how much rice I should eat, etc. I can mix and match and, if I’m honest with myself, know that what I’m choosing to make fits in the plan. 
How do I know it’s working? A few things. 
-Since New Years Day, I am down 14 pounds. 
-Almost always, at CrossFit, the warm up made me a little dizzy and tired. Nothing major, and afterward, I was ready to do the strength and WOD portion of the class. Now, I have a lot more energy right at the beginning of class. I’m not really much faster-I’m just not a fast person to begin with. (For example, my senior year of high school I ran cross country. We worked out 6 days a week. Even then, I still have never run a 5K under 30 minutes.) 
-Then there are the progress pictures. It really does help you to see how you’re progressing. This is my latest one that I think shows it best. 

While I’m in California, I am hoping to work out at least a bit. There is a CrossFit in Santa Barbara that I would love to check out, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m ending this post while waiting to board my last flight to Santa Barbara!  Happy weekend!


New Year Update #1

I totally failed to write a post on the snow day. I was too busy watching SVU episodes and squatting. It wasn’t the toughest workout I’ve ever done, but at least I did something while I was stuck inside. The weekends have been horrible for eating clean, and the snow didn’t help. However…all that for another day. 
I can’t get over how much I love CrossFit. I’m still struggling to get there consistently, but it’s not because I don’t want to be there. You can knock it if you want, but you can’t deny that it works. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you also saw my squat and deadlift PRs I posted. Squatting 240 pounds was…awesome. Is there a word better than awesome? I remember when my one rep max was 175. Knowing how far I’ve come and how strong I’ve gotten helps when I’m feeling crappy about other aspects of my life. 
Monday was the PR day. Today, I stayed after school to do the cardio fix DVD from 21 Day Fix with some teachers. I really enjoyed doing it, and I think that may be my Tuesday workout as long as it keeps going. Cardio endurance has always been my weakness, so I feel the need to do a very cardio specific workout at least a day or two a week. That’s the goal, anyway. 
A, hopefully better, post is coming about my new eating habits. I was getting down on myself today because I ate so terribly over the weekend. However, going through old files on my hard drive, I came across this, and realize even with my bad days, I’ve come a long way…

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Coming Soon…

It’s been awhile (again), but with the threat of snow tomorrow, I’ll have plenty of time to blog about…

  • My new (and hopefully forever) nutrition plan
  • CrossFit
  • My dream of being a professional organizer (no joke)

Exciting, I know.  I miss blogging, and if this is going to be a thing that lots of people read, it’s also got to be a thing that I update fairly often.  Topic #1 for 2016 will be my nutrition, so I will see you guys tomorrow!

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I am…

One of the books I am juggling right now is Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before.  In the book she describes “The Four Tendencies,” which are meant to help the reader determine how they can best create and keep a new, good habit.  The Four Tendencies are:


I’m a sucker for quizzes, so I took it, and it confirmed what I believed to be true since I started reading the book.  I am most definitely an “Obliger.”  I will do nearly anything asked of me at work, or if other people ask me for a favor, there’s a fairly good chance I’ll say yes.  However, if I try to form a personal habit, especially when related to health and fitness, I almost always flop.

I have more reading to do before I figure out what I can do to help myself succeed, but I feel like it’s good to be self-aware if you truly want to make yourself better.

Besides, I’ll need some self-help as I motivate myself to take the GRE in the next year…but that’ll be for another post.

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“We are the music makers…”

I mean, I know I’m quite literally a music maker, but I was listening to my new favorite podcast, The Music Makers, when I was inspired to write this post.  I stumbled upon episode 010-Most People Won’t.

This particular episodes reiterates the fact that most people won’t…do anything.  Really, anything.  They won’t improve, create, build, etc.  The episodes are rather short and sweet, so I won’t go over it word for word in case you want to listen to it yourself.  The show’s host, Aaron Francis, reviews some bad and good points about this little fact of life, but one struck me as most important.

If you DO “do” whatever “thing” is in your head, you’ve already won.  This is where I struggle.  I say I don’t have time to blog, but, honestly, whenever I think about, I say…”I don’t have a following like some of the other blogs I read.  I don’t make money off this blog.  I don’t write as well as my boyfriend can.  It really doesn’t matter if I post today or not.

Same thing with the gym.  “I can’t RX any workouts, (a.k.a., do them exactly as written) at CrossFit ever.  I can’t do the strict pull-ups/handstand walk/muscle-ups, so if they’re in the workout, it doesn’t even matter if I skip.”

It made me thing of another blogger/author/speaker that I love dearly-Gretchen Rubin.  She has several “Secrets of Adulthood” that she writes about in her books.  One that she also talks about on her podcast, Happier With Gretchen Rubin, is:


I need, need, NEED to remember this.  The blog post I do write is much better than one I never post.  I won’t improve my writing if I don’t write.  Working out and modifying everything at CrossFit is better than not working out at all, and instead sitting in my room, alone, watching TV, and probably eating.

This won’t be easy.  I will not be perfect.  But I can try.  TGIF.

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